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COVISART was founded in Manisa Technology Development Zone at 2018

Since the day it was founded, it has been working on High Technology Products and developing projects that will increase production in every field in a short time.
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Covisart Motion Simulator CT-360/2
Covisart Motion Simulator CT-360/2 about

Our Mission

Our mission is to be one of the leading companies that provide new technology research and development service by contributing to domestic and national technology without compromising the principles of quality products and professional ethics.
Covisart F-35

Our vision

Our vision; To become a reliable and sought-after business that offers special products and services by renewing the desired technology, quality and customer oriented.
Motion Simulator CT-360/6+2

Introducing the New Generation Vehicle Simulator that offers high performance from its counterparts developed as a result of R&D studies.

VR Simulator

Proje geliştirmesi ekibimiz tarafından 2015 yılında başlanmış olup ilk protatibini 2018 yılı kasım ayında gösterime sunulmuştur

Image module

Covisart was awarded with IFIA Best National Invention Medal

4th Istanbul International Invention Fair – ISIF’19 took place on 17-22 September 2019 at International Istanbul Atatürk Airport, by Honorary Patronage of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology, hosted by Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TÜRKPATENT), under the international patronage of International Federation of Inventors’ Association (IFIA), organized by Anatolia Inventions and Inventors Association and supported by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and European Patent Office(EPO).

Covisart presented their New Generation Simulator at this event first time. This simulator uses VR/AR technology with full motion capable system and powered with real time communication system.