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Covisart | Motion Simulator CT-360/6+2 has 2 axis rotation and 6dof system. Rotation axis is based CT-360/2, speed turns on each two axis are 144 degree/s. This version is more advanced version of all simulators. You can find more detail about this system on second page. This version can simulate any vehicle(jet fighters, airplanes, helicopters, tanks and cars).Vehicle simulator based on a motion system developed using virtual and augmented reality technologies. System supports multi axis motion systems.

This simulator allows users to use the aircraft they want in a virtual environment. Using AR technology, user can interact with virtual cockpit. Unlimited rotation system provide most realistic flight experience.The software developed by Covisart displays the interior of the vehicles in a stereoscopic way, allowing users to see the interior of the vehicle in 3D as in the real world. With Virtual Reality Technology, it is able to simulate every environment and all kinds of vehicles.


Covisart – FarmCASE Products

FarmCASE is compatible with all turbo atomizers. Rather than buying you a new sprayer, it has already been developed to improve your machine’s performance and consider your costs. With FarmCASE you can save the agricultural area where you produce. It does not tire you over and over with the same operations. You can see your speed while spraying.

Enter the existing field area, write the amount of spraying you will make and start moving. FarmCASE shows all your data instantly on your tablet screen with a transfer rate of 1 millisecond while you are driving. You can also observe the speed of your vehicle, the area of application and the amount of medicine delivered. products

f-35 VR Cockpit Simulator

Covisart – Virtual Prototyping Products

In 2018, Covisart started to develop a Virtual Product Prototyping system with Manisa Teknokent. This system allows you to design and modify your products that have not yet been produced, we try to make your products ready for the end user with zero cost. While in the idea stage, with the support of the simulated environment and the actual size of your products will offer you the finished version from the beginning.

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Flight Sim Models

Covisart developed aircraft models for popular flight simulator. Free version of Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker-D jet fighter is distributed over steam for popular ArmA 3 game.  Also we developed F-15, Dassault Rafale, C-17 and C-130 aircrafts for VBS3 with partnership of Havelsan. products

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Covisart – Earth Terrain Data Generator

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